About Ottery Writers

A Writer’s Group in Ottery

Covering Ottery and the surrounding districts of East Devon, Ottery Writers has been successfully running for over two years. The group is currently meeting at 7.00pm in Seasons on the first  and third Monday of each month.

Writing is not known as a social activity; most writers actively seek quiet and solitude in order to practice their craft. But to find encouragement, share knowledge, or run that latest piece of work past other writers is something we all need to do at some stage. And frankly, most of us just need to get out of the house and meet some other like-minded human beings occasionally.

Membership is not exclusive, with its number including published and aspiring poets, non-fiction writers and novelists from all over the area. The meetings are lively and inspiring and will soon include guest speakers and presentations on particular writing themes.

If you are a writer and interested in becoming involved please come along to one of the meetings.



  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering if this is still going on in Ottery on those Mondays of the month mentioned above and if so would it be okay for me to pop in for one of the sessions?


  2. Black door to the side of the main door. Just let yourself in, you’ll find us.


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